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BodyCentric Testimonials

BodyCentric Healing Arts has been an evolutionary process, which I have been honored to experience. Not only have I watched my body heal because of the cranialsacral work provided by Dennette Myers, but I have grown spiritually with each treatment. The massages given by Jenn have been so beneficial and I will be forever grateful to them. I have been with Dennette (BodyCentric Healing Arts) for the past five years and I have found her to be one of the most gifted healers I know. Thanks!

~ Theresa Fleming, Nurse, (Bryn Mawr)

Dennette Myers is one of the finest practitioners of the healing arts that I know. As an acupuncturist, I refer my patients to her as well as see her myself. It is rare to find a practitioner who is compassionate, talented, intelligent, intuitive and skilled as Dennette. Her level of training, discipline and maturity as a therapist is impressive. During each session, Dennette fluidly weaves together many modalities to provide a unique and profound healing experience. Dennette is a master healing artist at the levels of body, mind and spirit and I feel so fortunate to receive her work.

~ Dory Ellen Fish, L. Ac., Dipl.Ac., Bryn Mawr

Before coming to BodyCentric, I would occasionally go to masseuses whose way of massage was very aggressive, and subjective - I didn’t feel as though they were helping the underlying problems that brought me to them in the first place. At BodyCentric; however, I experienced a more introspective approach to massage. It’s very welcoming, effective, non-evasive, and incredibly relaxing. It’s the first time I’ve felt comfortable getting a massage. It really helps you to relax physically, mentally and spiritually. I would recommend it to anyone!

~ Tiffani McLaurin: IME Coordinator, Norristown

Jennifer Dries at Body Centric Healing Arts is the most sublime massage experience I have ever had and I don't say that lightly. As an older former athlete I am very conscious of the need proper conditioning and exercise and of the benefits of massage. The problem I have generally found with different massage therapies was inconsistency- most were mediocre, some were terrible and only a very few were any good. Jennifer has been the best in my experience. She is attentive, strong and experienced and is careful of my various aches and pains. I try to see her at least every couple of weeks. It's a wonderfully relaxing experience and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

~ Jon Stiklorius: Banker, Philadelphia

I am a massage junkie and proud of it. Massage plays an important role in my general sense of physical well being. So when i say that Jennifer Dries, at BodyCentric Healing Arts, is an exceptionally talented massage therapist, I do not speak lightly! Jennifer is intuitive and conscientious in her work. Her massage techniques heal my aches and pains, and they are 100% relaxing, both at the same time. I, without hesitation, highly recommend Jennifer!

~ Susan: Wayne, Pa.